Marvel Unveils Exclusive Comic Books For 2014 Wizard World Conventions


The middle of the last decade was probably the heyday for exclusive comic book covers at the Wizard World family of conventions (and probably for Wizard World itself, but that’s a topic for an entirely different post). But the spirit of limited edition cover mania never really goes away, it just lies dormant at times, and Marvel is trying to ramp it back up for 2014.

The companies recently announced that all 16 Wizard World shows will have their own exclusive variant cover editions of top Marvel comics in 2014. And the first two could be pretty big deals: alternate covers for “Miracleman” #1 and “Miracleman” #2 done by legendary artist Neal Adams.

Taking it even further, the Portland Comic Con (January 24 through 26) will feature two variations of Adams’ “Miracleman” #1. A fully colored version (limited to 3,000 copies) will be included with every VIP admission package, while an even rarer black-and-white version will be sold at the Wizard World Store on the show floor. No details were announced for the second issue, but you can expect something similar at New Orleans Comic Con (February 7 through 9).

Conveniently, Adams is an autograph guest at both events. While the merits of alternate covers are probably going to be debated until the end of comics or the end of time, whichever comes first, you can’t fault Marvel and Wizard World for trying to put a spark back into these shows. Keep an eye on the Wizard World news page for announcements of future comics involved in the program.


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