Five Villains Who Would Be Cool To See In Thor 3

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While we wait anxiously for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and still have to see if Robert Downey Jr. will choose to suit up again for any more “Iron Man” films, we know that one Avenger will definitely be starring in another solo movie. That’d be Thor, as Marvel confirmed earlier today that a third Thor film is a go and that Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost will be cooking up the script.

Most fans would no doubt welcome another appearance by Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and the end of “Thor: The Dark World” almost necessitates that he play a part in the next film. But super hero flicks almost always ramp up the number of villains in sequels (sometimes to their detriment, sadly), and the guess here is that “Thor 3″ will be no exception.

Fortunately, the God of Thunder has some great adversaries who’ve yet to trouble him on the big screen, including some of his most regular and iconic foes. Kyle and Yost will have a number of good choices, but there are five in particular we’d like to see whenever Chris Hemsworth picks up the hammer again. Click on the arrows to check them all out.

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  • Shelby Scott

    The Midgard Serpent would be amazing if they can get the CG right. There aren’t enough monsters in super hero movies these days.

    • Nick Tylwalk

      I agree 100 percent. I mean, Avengers had the Chitauri Leviathan, but I envision the Midgard Serpent as being much bigger and badder than that.

      • Shelby Scott

        Totally! I’m just a sucker for really well done monsters.