Does Nick Fury Die In Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Holy crap, spoiler warnings, right?

Actually, we aren’t spoiling anything, because it’s all speculation at this point. And it’s going to remain at the level of educated guessing until “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” comes out on April 4.

However …

Spinoff Online seems to think the new TV spot for the movie foreshadows the death of Nick Fury. And that’s quite possible, except as comic book readers know, Mr. Fury has a difficult time actually staying dead.

There’s a pretty cool site devoted to Fury that has an entire page devoted to the numerous times he was thought to be dead or actually “killed” on the page. The time Marvel was most convincing about making a death stick was probably when he was shot by a mind-controlled Punisher, which you can see in pretty awesome detail in an edition of CBR’s excellent The Abandoned An’ Forsaked series.

At the center of most of Fury’s faked deaths are S.H.I.E.L.D. androids called Life Model Decoys, or LMDs. While they’ve been used to stand in for numerous Marvel characters over the years, the aseembly lines definitely cranked out a lot of them for Nick. In fact that Punisher story I referenced above specifically has Frank Castle go out of his way to destroy all of Fury’s LMDs before gunning for the man himself.

We’ve yet to see an LMD in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though the concept came up often among fans debating whether it would be the plot device used to explain how Agent Phil Coulson was still alive after getting stabbed through the chest in “The Avengers.” I can’t see Samuel L. Jackson actually biting the bullet for real before the second Avengers movie, but I could imagine him faking his death and then appearing in our heroes’ hour of greatest need in the battle against Ultron.

Maybe it’s not even Fury who dies at all, but someone else. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself:


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