LeBron James Jokes About Wearing Super Hero Mask In Return To Action

Multiple time world champion and league MVP LeBron James might be the closest thing the NBA has to a super hero. He certainly is gifted with basketball abilities far beyond those of us mere mortals.

Yet even King James can be wounded, as fans found out last week when he suffered a broken nose playing against Kevin Durant (another potential super hero in human guise) and the Oklahoma City Thunder. James makes his return to action tonight, and he’ll be wearing a clear, protective mask to guard against more damage to his face.

Or will it be clear? James told the Los Angeles Times he might have something more comic book-oriented in mind:

I’ve been talking to Marvel Comics for the last couple of days, and DC Comics, to try to come up with one of the greatest masks of all time. So we’ll see what happens.

Sadly, James was probably joking. But how cool would it be if he actually got one of the Big Two comic book companies to come up with a design for him, even if it’s just the sports version of the time-tested domino mask?

You might want to check in on the Heat-Knicks game tonight on TNT just to be sure.


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