Photo Shows First Look At The Flash TV Costume ... Part Of It Anyway

The people behind The Flash TV show that is gearing up for a pilot on The CW have been promising that the costume Grant Gustin will wear as Barry Allen’s alter ego would be faithful to what fans know from the comics. Judging by the first image that’s been released, that’s at least true for the headgear.

As you can see above, the part covering Gustin’s head looks a lot like what the New 52 version of Barry Allen sports these days, complete with the added chin piece that was born when Jim Lee redesigned all of the Justice League costumes a few years ago. The lightning bolt on the side is a little more stylized than the way artists usually portray the “wings,” but it still looks good.

Also notable is that the bolts are gold instead of yellow, probably because it will look better on TV. All told, it suggests a look more like what the Wally West Flash wore prior to the New 52 reboot, and perhaps not too different from the one John Wesley Shipp ran around in during the previous Flash show, albeit with a more modern sensibility.

Judgment will no doubt be reserved by many comic fans until we get to see the whole suit, but this is a good start. And with production on the show slated to start any day, the pace of images and news should ramp up fast (pun painfully intended).

(via Variety)

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