Alex Ross Offers Up Miracleman #5 Variant Cover

Do you want to see Alex Ross’ take on Miracleman? That was a trick question — of course you do.

Besides just seeing Miracleman (or Marvelman, if you prefer) back in print for a new generation, you just knew some cool things would come out of Marvel acquiring the rights to the Mick Anglo-created, Alan Moore-elevated character. This variant cover is one of them, gracing the front of a limited number of copies of Miracleman #5.

As for what’s inside, it’s the start of a new arc if you will, not that comics were really written in arcs back in the 80s the way we know them now. The truth behind the creation of Miracleman is starting to come to light, along with more revelations about Dr. Emil Gargunza and Project Zarathustra. Like most things in this series, they won’t lead to happy endings for all involved. And there’s the not so small matter of that alien DNA-infused baby gestating inside Michael Moran’s wife Liz.

Slap a brand new variant cover by Ross on there and you’ve got something with the potential to end up in high demand.

“There are few comics in the history of the medium that reach the heights of Miracleman,” Marvel SVP of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said via press release. “Thankfully there are few artists in the business that as renowned as Alex Ross and we’re thrilled to have him contribute such a stunningly beautiful cover.”

Miracleman #5, written by “The Original Writer” and with art by Alan Davis and John Ridgway (plus additional variant covers by Jim Cheung and Humberto Ramos), hits stores on May 7.

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