Superior Spider-Man #29 Review: Superior Chaos

SUPSM2013029_int_LR3_00001-2SPOILER ALERT —- Things aren’t looking so good for the Superior Spider-Man…nor Spider-Man 2099. Goblin minions are running rampant through the streets, and it appears as though almost every Marvel character, good and evil, are caught up in the mix. Not even the Avengers are able to subdue the Goblin’s forces as chaos has literally flooded the streets of New York.

In The Superior Spider-Man #29, the Green Goblin continues to torment Spider-Man, literally demolishing everything Octavius cares about: the home he grew up in, the atomic research lab where he initially became Doctor Octopus, the H.E.A.R.T. Clinic, and even the building housing all of his past inventions. The Goblin had also  successfully captured Anna Maria and his Empire State University instructor Professor Lamaze and threatening their lives. Unfortunately, Spider-Man could not save Professor Lamaze as he sacrificed himself to save Spidey.

Elsewhere, Sajini has been instructed to fake the death of Peter Parker to buy time to study the subdued Goblin minion Monster (aka the real Peter Parker’s ex-girlfriend and sister of the goblin villain Menace, Carlie Cooper) Mayor Jameson has had his most trusted member of his administration, Glory Grant, walk out on him due to his obsession to somehow involve Spider-Man in the Goblin madness happening in the city. Jameson and Police Chief Pratchett have turned their backs on Spider-Man and conspired with Tiberius Stone and Liz Allan of Alchemax to unleash the new and improved Spider Slayers to take him down once and for all. Little do they all know, Miguel O’Harra (aka Spider-Man 2099) is more than prepared to intervene…or is he?IMG_00192

After the death of Professor Lamaze, Spider-Man was confronted by a squadron of Spider Slayers, and they proved to be significantly more superior than their predecessors. Luckily, Spider-Man 2099 showed up just in the nick of time with a killswitch to halt the Slayers; however, it appears as though Norman Osborn has secretly gained full control of the Slayers and has both of the Spider-Men right where he wants them. Seeing as how Alchemax is basically an Oscorp subsidiary, there may be more to the relationship between Osborn and Alchemax than is being revealed at the moment, and it is very possible that Tiberius Stone and Liz Allan are in on it.

Looking Forward: With the Spider Slayer killswitch proving to be ineffective, it appears as though the two Spider-Men may have to put their differences aside and work together to take down the Osborn-controlled Slayer squad. How will they get out of this debacle? And how will Mayor Jameson react now that he knows his Spider Slayer squad is under the control of Norman Osborn? It seems as though the cat is out of the bag now, and the true intentions of Tiberius Stone, Liz Allan and their company Alchemax will soon be revealed.




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