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Stan Lee Doesn't Know Who Ultron Is

Stan Lee might be the grandfather of all things Marvel, but that doesn’t mean he knows everything about what came after he stopped guiding the direction of the comics we all know and love.

In an interview with Playboy, Lee revealed that though he loves the Marvel movies (and he’s appeared in cameo roles in almost all of them), he isn’t too familiar with the threat the heroes will be facing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, saying to the magazine:

I don’t have any idea who the hell Ultron is. He’s a character developed after I stopped being involved in the Avengers story.

He’s not wrong, as Roy Thomas and John Buscema came up with Hank Pym’s great mistake two years after Lee left the Avengers comic book. Still, it’s kind of surprising to hear Lee make that admission.

Maybe he’s right about his assertion that he’s “mostly just a pretty face they keep for the public,” though fans will probably not lose any of their love for him just because he isn’t up on Avengers history. Lee can get up to speed on the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Ultron when Avengers: Age of Ultron pops into theaters next May, while you can read the wide-ranging interview with Playboy right here — though quite obviously, parental discretion is advised.

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