Dark Knight Screenwriter Eyes Green Lantern Reboot

My two favorite super heroes growing up were Iron Man and Green Lantern. When both of them got their own movies, I told my close friends that I’d cry if either film sucked, simply because I’d waited so long to see them on the big screen.

I escaped the first Iron Man with dry eyes, but I refused to see Green Lantern in theaters because I was worried I’d have to live up to my word. I’ve since seen it on DVD, and while I didn’t cry, I’m not going to say I didn’t tear up just a bit.

But was it bad enough that it needs to be rebooted already? There have been rumors to that effect over the past year, and now screenwriter David S. Goyer has added more fuel to the fire by flat out telling Variety, “I would love to do Green Lantern.”

Goyer’s track record with DC super heroes speaks for itself, as he was largely responsible for the screenplays for all three Dark Knight movies and Man of Steel. He’s also co-written a number of DC comics alongside Geoff Johns and James Robinson.

Though GL is nowhere near as iconic as Superman or Batman, surely someone can come up with a great story about a man who is suddenly given a ring whose power is only limited by the wearer’s willpower. It’s too bad it’s going to take a second try, but at least Goyer might be able to help.

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2 Comments on Dark Knight Screenwriter Eyes Green Lantern Reboot

  1. titanoftomorrowtoday says:

    I hope they do a reboot of Green Lantern soon!! It’s one on my favorite superhero I am so a fan of GL that I would admit that in a fight with Iron Man I’d pick Green Lantern everytime! Think about it, while Tony Stark has to build his weapons Hal Jordan or John Stewart doesn’t need to do that they just think it and it’s there so if Iron man doesn’t have it in his arsenal too bad!! Plus Green Lantern has the advantage of encountering different alien tech from the universe so they can copy it in their power ring and before Tony Stark could say “What the hell is that thing?” BOOOMMM!! he’s dead!! Green Lantern could be reinvented again in the movies if done properly it could be a mixture of Harry Potter and Star Wars all rolled into one they just need to use what Geoff Johns’s storylines and probably some of Peter Tomasi’s Gl corp storylines as well

    • Nick Tylwalk says:

      I agree, I think Johns added a lot to the mythos of Green Lantern that would make awesome movie material. I’d even go a step further and say that introducing the entire emotional spectrum of rings right away would help make sense of it all for audience members who aren’t familiar with the comics, even if you don’t feature all the colors in the movie itself. But in any case, even though I usually am not a fan of quick reboots, I’m with you on this one.

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