Two Human Torches, Together On Instagram

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier about to explode into theaters on Friday, it’s easy to forget that Chris Evans cut his teeth on super hero movies in an entirely different franchise for a different movie studio. I’m talking about his turn as the Human Torch in Fox’s pair of Fantastic Four movies, which could most politely be described as mild successes.

Now it’s almost time for someone else to flame on as Johnny Storm, and that someone is Michael B. Jordan. With shooting scheduled to begin soon on the Fantastic Four reboot, the actor had a chance to pose with the former Torch for a picture on Instagram, which he captioned with something comics fans can appreciate:

The Torch has been passed! #FlameOn

Jordan should be getting to work soon, as the new flick is supposed to start filming in April. As for Evans, it’s safe to say that while he’s probably happy to have had the Human Torch role to expose him to the craziness of making a super hero movie, he’s gone on to bigger and better things as Steve Rogers. A win-win for these two men? Only if the Fantastic Four reboot turns out to be good …


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