Status Quo-Altering DC Event Set For Spring 2015?


This isn’t news or even a rumor, but more of a reading of the tea leaves. Ross Burlingame of pointed out yesterday that DC’s Dan DiDio has confirmed that all three of the company’s weekly comic series will end on the same week next March. In case you’ve lost track, that means Batman Eternal, which is already underway, Futures End, which is in the virtual on-deck circle for May, and Worlds End, which doesn’t start until October.

Three different books, all ending in the same week. Burlingame could be onto something when he speculates that it could be a Crisis-level event, the first of its kind since the New 52 semi-reboot. Most interesting is that Batman Eternal is supposed to start back up again after a “hiatus.” That alone hints at a shake-up of the status quo. After all, we know there’s going to be a Batman no matter what happens in the DC Universe, but if his book needs a break, it could be that big things are changing around him.

While there’s definitely a segment of comic book fans who are no doubt hoping this could be a sign of the return of the pre-New 52 continuity, my personal feeling is that DC is too committed to what it’s doing now to go back. Some people have been speculating that a battle between the current Earth 1 and Earth 2 could be the endgame, but since Forever Evil already gave us a war between worlds, that too seems unlikely.

Regardless of what it actually turns out to be, there’s no question that DC went from having no real “events” for more than a year after the New 52 rollout to a full-on event onslaught pretty quickly. Still, if it’s all leading somewhere interesting, I’m on board to see what it is. And frankly, the thought of the weekly series lasting for less than a year is pretty good in terms of limiting the damage to one’s wallet.

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