Free Random Costume And More As Marvel Heroes Turns 10 (Months)

Waiting for a birthday or anniversary is so cliché. Marvel Heroes is celebrating before turning one, rolling out its biggest promotion so far now that its been live for ten months.

Appropriately titled “Big Ten Week” (and having nothing to do with this, as far as I can tell),  it features the return of 10 different events that have run in the past. These include the Don’t Fear the Reaper Loot Rotation, the Luck of the Draw BOGO sale on heroes and costumes, plus holiday events from St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. You can see the complete list with links to the individual events right here.

Some members of the dev team will be in-game, passing out bonus loot and answering politely phrased questions (I added the “politely” part). Just for participating, everyone will get a 50 percent bonus to experience and 50 percent bonuses to special and rare item find chances. And to top it all off, entering the code “RNDMCSTM” will get you a free random costume.

Now the question is, will this become a trend? If my kids find out, will they be expecting presents every 10 months instead of on their birthdays? Hmm … Big Ten Week may have some unforeseen consequences, but that’s no reason not to play today by downloading the game at

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