Marvel Confirms What We Already Knew: Wolverine Is Dying In September

Unless it was employing a clever bit of psychology by naming his upcoming story arc “3 Months to Die,” Marvel hasn’t been too shy about letting the world know that Wolverine was probably going to kick the bucket later this year. Heck, we wrote about that possibility back when we first turned on the lights here at Bam Smack Pow.

But now we know when Death is coming for Logan and in what form, as Entertainment Weekly got to break the news that September will bring us Death of Wolverine, a four-issue series from writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven that will come out weekly.

There are some serious real world factors at play here, not the least of which is the fact that everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant makes Marvel a lot of money. Too much, in fact, to think he’ll actually stay dead. Considering how many times death has been used as a plot device (especially in the 21st Century) in super hero comics, I doubt many people really expect we’ll be without Wolverine for too long.

Still, considering that you could make an argument that the thing that Logan was the best at was staying alive, this could still be interesting and emotional. Which one of his many enemies will finally get him? Will his death bring the mutant community together, even temporarily? Most importantly, how many Marvel teams will be down a member while he’s gone?

The answers are coming this fall.

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1 Comments on Marvel Confirms What We Already Knew: Wolverine Is Dying In September

  1. sirmichaelvalentine says:

    this is a very bad idea because it seems from what they said,

    “Marvel approached this event from a standpoint of finality of closure” The hero’s death will have ramifications throughout Marvel’s line” “You’re gonna be entering into a world without Wolverine. That affects his teammates and the Marvel Universe at large. We’ve got a lot of things in the works already.”

    from that little message, basically says their keeping him dead,

    who’s the one character marvel is tired of fans loving so much? WOLVERINE!

    who’s the character marvel doesn’t have much stories for anymore? WOLVERINE!!

    who’s the one character marvel would rather die & be done with? WOLVERINE!

    this is why i say this is a bad idea fans are going to almost riot over this
    including myself

    you dont understand in today’s Hollywood or comics the death thing in stories stay dead because the writers them selves know bring them back is cliche
    sure comics have skipped over the cliche thing but recently i think they want him gone for good which is extremely sad

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