WonderCon 2014 - Moon Bloodgood And Seychelle Gabriel Talk Falling Skies (And Steampunk)

At WonderCon 2014, Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel discuss how the show is shaking things up.

“They took all our characters and said, ‘Let’s shuffle it.’…We all got separated and they bring us back, but it’s like we’re not the same.” The show started off as “mild and very character driven” and every subsequent season has added to the show’s sci-fi mythology, but season four is where it hits “full throttle.”

But first, the pair get into a nice off-topic discussion about steampunk style.

As for the show, all of the relationships have been redefined. With characters getting separated, Lourdes (Gabriel) takes on a motherly role with Alexis (Erika Forest), the daughter of Anne (Bloodgood). Alexis, who may have alien DNA in her blood stream, turns out to be a focal point of the season for many characters as everyone is “trying to figure out where [her] allegiance is.”

Last year, Bloodgood welcomed a daughter of her own, so she was able to draw from that to bring authenticity to her character. As Bloodgood portrays the mother of newly-born-but-rapidly-aging Alexis, her expected natural trust in her daughter puts her at odds with several other characters. That includes Alexis’s father Tom (Noah Wyle), who’s had little interaction with the child. Bloodgood and Gabriel attest that this season stretches both of their characters to their limits, so it certainly won’t be lacking drama.

Falling Skies season four, which Bloodgood describes as the “most fulfilling,” premieres June 22 on TNT.

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