You'll Be Able To Play As The Avengers In Disney Infinity In Just A Few Months

Seeing as Disney owns Marvel, questions about whether or not we’d see Marvel characters in Disney Infinity started almost as soon as the game was announced. The initial focus of the game was strictly Disney, but most people figured it was just a matter of time until that changed, and at a live event earlier today, we found out the game is getting a super-powered upgrade this fall.

The movie roster of the Avengers will arrive in what is being called Disney Infinity 2.0, though the exact release date has not been announced yet. Players will be able to take Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye into a Play Set that shows off the Marvel version of Manhattan and use them in Toy Box mode (which has received a number of improvements) alongside the Disney and Pixar characters that have already been released. Movement and combat look to have received a lot of attention in order to make the super heroes feel appropriately powerful.

Disney’s event featured heavy Marvel flavor throughout. After a recorded message from Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson, actor Clark Gregg took the stage to introduce the rest of the speakers, slipping in and out of character as Agent Phil Coulson along the way. Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada spoke about how Disney Interactive worked closely with artists at Marvel to ensure the proper look and feel for the super heroes, and Brian Michael Bendis also showed up to discuss his part in helping to shape the story of the game world.

This is only the beginning too, as footage showed off Rocket Racoon, Groot and Spider-Man, meaning they will almost certainly be among the characters joining the Avengers in the months to come.

For more details on the live event, check out the complete recap at our sister site, Gamesided.

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