I Really Hope DC's 2015 Event Is Not Earth 1 Vs. Earth 2

You might ask why I’d even worry about that, given that we’ve got multiple DC event/weekly series/who knows what else to get through between now and next spring. And that’s true, but …

jla-vol-1-92-coverIt’s just that Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston has been doing some digging, and like him or laugh at him, he’s got a pretty good track record at sniffing this stuff out. DC’s weekly series are all supposed to end in March 2015, and with the publishing folks all headed out to California right after that (the ones who are making the move and keeping their jobs, anyway), Johnston’s sources have hinted at a two-month event edited by Tom DeFalco filling the gap while everyone switches coasts.

Johnston thinks this is either going to be Earth 1 and Earth 2 teaming up to fight off Darkseid and company or battling each other in some sort of Earth War. I really hope it turns out to be the former and not the latter, not only because I’m old enough to have warm, fuzzy memories of the annual JLA-JSA team-up tales but also because a battle between the two Earths would just be dumb.

Why would they fight unless it’s a situation where the heroes think they’re in a zero-sum game and one world would have to die for the other to live? If that turns out to be the case, it would be cribbing from what Jonathan Hickman is doing in New Avengers with the incursions between worlds (which in turn is somewhat reminiscent of part of the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths, but hey, nothing is really new at this point). On top of that, those poor Earth 2 heroes have been through enough already, what with Superman turning out to be evil, bad guys from Apokolips hanging out on their planet, and the original Batman and Wonder Woman dead.

Let’s not go there DC. Just say no to Earth 1 versus Earth 2. Thanks in advance.


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