First Look: Gal Gadot As Diana Prince

As the new, still untitled Batman vs. Superman movie starts filming, photos of Ben Affleck sporting the Frank Miller Batman look emerged with the Batmobile, and the Dark Knight’s car also got its own stand-alone photo. When I first heard Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, I thought it was the worst casting choice for the entire film. She then started to work out to make herself fit for the role, and it was around that time that I really decided that my DC comics fanboy would take over, just because nothing could stop me from seeing Henry Cavill back on the screen as Superman.  Just recently, Henry Cavill himself posted a picture of Gadot as Diana Prince herself, coming out of an important looking building as seen in the photos below. Please excuse the blurriness as the pictures aren’t the best quality:

gal gadot wonder woman 2


Gal gadot wonder woman

There might not be a whole lot to show in these photos, but to me it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too bad to have Gadot as Diana Prince. The real test will come when we get to see her in the full Wonder Woman costume. I also feel that this film may throw around Superman’s love interest between Diana and Lois. What do you think? Does she have the look? Tell us how you feel about it good or bad below! I’d love to hear from other fans!

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  • Steve Lam

    I still think she’s way too skinny. So, let’s start with the whole cast and my first impressions of them:

    Henry Cavill as Superman – I thought he did a great job in Man of Steel. The problems with Man of Steel have nothing to do with the acting or physical appearances of the characters — it was in the writing and the story.

    Ben Affleck as Batman – Okay, I can see that. He’s tall and has that cleft chin. He’ll look great in the Bat-cowl. I really didn’t have a problem with him being Batman / Bruce Wayne. I think it’s the way he acts and voices some words. That’s what people find annoying. All of that can be fixed by good directing and good dialogue (That’s right, I’m looking at you guys, Snyder and Goyer.).

    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – She has the height and the dark hair, BUT she’s too skinny! This can probably be fixed by Snyder taking her to a steakhouse twice a day. Another problem is her face. She doesn’t have that warrior look. She’s much too soft and doll-like.

    One of the actresses that I thought would’ve been a great Wonder Woman was Monique Ganderton. Yes, you’re probably saying, “Who?” She actually played a Kryptonian, Alia, in Season 9 of Smallville AND she’s a stuntwoman. Another good choice would’ve been Alana de la Garza who also played a Kryptonian in Smallville. These two might be a little bit older, but Ben Affleck will probably be the oldest cast member in the group — he’s 41. It’s Hollywood, so age doesn’t even matter, it’s how you look.

    Of all the cast members, I’m the most worried about Wonder Woman’s appearance. She also has the skimpiest outfit out of all of them, so she can’t use padding for her muscles like Cavill and Affleck (Even if they needed it, it would still be light padding.).

    It’s still two years away, so maybe this isn’t even a scene that’s going to be in the movie.

    • Nick Tylwalk

      I don’t know, Diana has been drawn to be quite skinny by some artists and a little more muscular by others. Gadot might be okay; I’m reserving judgment for now. I think we need to see here in that Wonder Woman costume!

      I do like your suggestions though. As an MMA fan I was kind of thinking Gina Carano could pull it off.

      • Steve Lam

        I thought Gina Carano would’ve been great too. I think most fans wanted her also. The only thing holding her back was the acting ability.

  • Fred U

    ok, Snyder must have seen something in Gadot as WW other than that she is an attractive-looking young actress ( there are plenty of those!). What was it? Perhaps he was looking for the most fragile version of Wonder Woman possible? Surprising the audience by making her look on screen the exact opposite of how she is depicted in the comics ( alright, the black hair stays)? He may be on to something. Next up: replace Carvill with McConaughey, reprising his looks from “Dallas Buyers Club” to play Superman? And have Elijah Wood play Batman, using his patented Frodo-look when not in suit? This movie will be surprising indeed.

  • Guest

    I’m rooting for her, she looks fine to me. If she doesn’t work out then so be it. This movie is about Superman and Batman anyway.