Death Of Wolverine Goodies

Okay, maybe the headline is a little morbid.  There’s certainly nothing “good” about any type of death.  What I was alluding to was deals with the promotional items being given out by comic book stores to celebrate … heh, there I go again … commemorate the demise of one of Marvel’s most famous characters — Wolverine.  We’re a little over two months away before Death of Wolverine #1, so Marvel is certainly ramping up interest in the limited series.  In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Marvel SVP of Sales & Marketing, David Gabriel, gave a quick rundown of the items:

After 40 years of being the best there is at what he does, we’re sad to say Logan’s story will come to an end this September … Charles Soule & Steve McNiven have something really special planned for Death of Wolverine, and we’re planning to help commemorate the first issue of the series with a memorial at your local comic shop. Participating shops will receive special Memorial Cards, Skottie Young lithographs and more. And for those of you that need a little levity in this moment of sadness, there’s also an exclusive Deadpool variant cover available.

The official list of items that make up the “memorial kit” will include:

  • Death of Wolverine Postcards
  • Death of Wolverine Deadpool Memorial Variant — where Deadpool stands over the corpse of Wolverine and declares to the reader, “I didn’t do it.”
  • Death of Wolverine Young Memorial Lithographs — featuring a kid version of Wolverine drawn by Skottie Young.
  • Death of Wolverine Memorial Cards

The Death of Wolverine limited series (Written by Charles Soule with Art & Cover by Steve McNiven) will start in September with a weekly release schedule:

  • 09/03/2014: Death of Wolverine #1
  • 09/10/2014: Death of Wolverine #2
  • 09/17/2014: Death of Wolverine #3
  • 09/24/2014: Death of Wolverine #4

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