Green Arrow Comic Gets Arrow Creative Team Starting In October

Think the popularity of the Arrow TV series on The CW can’t have an impact on the comics that inspired it? DC is going to link the show to the Green Arrow comic in a very direct way starting in October’s issue #35, when Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and writer Ben Sokolowski take over the scripting duties. The duo will be joined by Daniel Sampere on art.

According to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kreisberg and Sokolowski actually sought out the gig instead of the other way around. They have no plans on making the Oliver Queen in print sound like the one from TV, though Kreisberg said he does see some common personality elements between the two archers.

I think the version Ben and I are going for now is an amalgamation of the TV version and his comic book persona. As our TV partner, Greg Berlanti, puts it, at his core, Oliver is an optimist. He believes in people. On the TV show, that optimism is buried under years of torture and suffering, but it’s still there. In the comics, he’s been a bit more fun, a bit faster with a quip, so we are trying to add some of that zest for life.

The creators also hinted that supporting characters from TV would show up in the comic, though maybe not in ways fans would expect. They didn’t answer a question posed to them about whether Felicity Smoak would appear, so fans will just have to wait and cross their fingers.

Oh, and if we can make one request here at Bam Smack Pow, it’s this: take it easy on the love triangles please.

Green Arrow #35 is headed to stores and digital on October 1.

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