Bucky Barnes Heads For Space In New Series This Fall

As the Winter Solider, Bucky Barnes’ adventures have been pretty grounded for the most part. But we’ve also seen him in space in the pages of Original Sin, and writer Ales Kot is about to send him there full time in a brand new series called Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier that starts this fall.

It may seem like a strange match between character and setting, but Kot and artist Marco Rudy think the Winter Solider can work on an interplanetary scale just as effectively as he did on Earth.

“Bucky has undergone brutal, numbing experiences,” Kot said in an interview with Marvel.com. “He became a killer after his mind got wiped out—repeatedly. He got thrown into a meat-grinder and somehow he survived. But surviving isn’t living. I want to take the survivor and show him the universe. It’s so easy to forget how astonishing life is. How often do you stop and consider the wonder of where we are?”

Kot also promises plenty of action along with “new responsibilities” for Barnes over the course of a story he says will fill at least two collections if he gets to see it to completion. If nothing else, Bucky should be able to find any number of civilizations to help him with repair work on that cybernetic arm if it gets damaged out in space.

I made it all the way through this post without making any “final frontier” jokes, which is good. Look for Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 at your LCS or on digital in October.

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