Challenge Heroes Now On Sale In Super Hero Squad Online Store

Longtime Super Hero Squad Online players know that several cool heroes were only obtainable by completing challenges. Those were cool to do as an occasional change of pace, but tackling them regularly took time away from running missions, and it took a lot of them to earn some of the heroes in question. Just ask my six-year old son why he doesn’t have the “White Suit Spider-Man” yet.

That’s now a moot point, as the Challenge Heroes are available in the in-game store. Round out your roster of Squaddies with Colossus, Mohawk Storm, Daredevil, Firestar, Red Elektra, Sentry, Stealth Armor Iron Man, Street Clothes Wolverine, and yes, Future Foundation Spider-Man.

There’s also a 4x Fractal bonus for completing social space activities, and the Summer of Spiders continues with 50 percent bonus XP all weekend when playing as Spider-Man and the larger family of spider-powered heroes. In a related note, the next playable character is coming soon, and he’s someone Spider-Man fans know all too well: Dr. Curt Connors, better known as the Lizard.

How about even more bonus XP? Enter the code “CHLNGEXP” and you’ll get 1000 for free. And that’s a great way for me to segue out of this post, as Super Hero Squad Online is free to play and available for download at

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