Joe Quesada Announces Sam Wilson, The Falcon, As The New Captain America On The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert made his bid to be the new Captain America. After all, he already looks years younger than his age, is plenty patriotic and owns Captain America’s shield.

Alas, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada was forced to break the host’s heart tonight on The Colbert Report, announcing what many people had already suspected: Sam Wilson, better known as the Falcon, will become the new Captain America.

Concept art was shown of Wilson as Cap (actually the cover to All-New Captain America #1, shown above), and his costume blends familiar elements from his Falcon duds with classic Captain America elements to form something of a hybrid look.

A disappointed Colbert asked the only logical question after the big reveal: if Falcon is going to be Captain America, doesn’t that mean that we need a new Falcon? Quesada said that Marvel had been discussing that very issue, even getting an artist to come up with a drawing of Colbert as the new Falcon.

Watch for much more on this story as more official information from Marvel is released.

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