The New 52: Futures End #11 Review

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen

Artists: Georges Jeanty, Cam Smith, Hi-Fi

Futures End #10 Recap

In New York City, Terry McGinnis reveals himself to Coil, Key, and Plastique.  After some resistance, he gains their partnership in a plan to break into Terrifitech.  In the Huron System, a regenerating Hawkman is suddenly alerted by his Stormwatch Emergency Communicator — which means someone is alive.  On Cadmus Island, Cole is attacked by a cloaked OMAC operative much to the amusement of Fifty Sue.  Finally, in Vancouver, Canada, Big Barda, hiding under the name of Jane Kirby, is confronted by Emiko who enlists her help on a mission.

Spoiler-Free Reaction

A good start and some well-deserved panel time for a few minor characters.

Plot Details and Spoilers and Deaths: Oh My!

Camden, New Jersey: Justin has been going solo since Grifter went missing.  The daemonite-possessed human caught by Grifter is still bound and it seems that Justin has been taunting and torturing him daily.  As a final “shut-up” before he leaves the house, Justin shoots his prisoner — completely blowing his head off.  Justin’s original instructions were to leave if Grifter went missing for a long period of time.  Following those orders, Justin arrives at Voodoo’s apartment for protection.

The Huron System: Hawkman, Amethyst, and Frankenstein follow the signal coming from the Stormwatch Emergency Communicator.  In a conversation between Frankenstein and Amethyst, we get some exposition as to what happened to Gemworld.  Anethyst blames herself for her planet’s downfall because she couldn’t stop a powerful mystic from taking it over.  Their talk is abruptly ended when their ship crashes into a steel-plated crater.

New York City: Mr. Terrific exposes Batman Beyond on live TV.  Because of the recovered cyborg body of Plastique, Mr. Terrific is convinced that Batman Beyond is after his uSpheres and is also not from this world.

Madagascar Sea: The “techno” Parasite makes his appearance on a cargo ship.  He brutally attacks the crew — literally smashing in heads and punching through bodies.

Justice League Defense Station Omega: Ronnie Raymond is transported to the station so the Justice League can stage an intervention.  Through a series of confrontations, Ronnie admits to being late in Seattle which led to the death of Oliver Queen.  But his real issue comes to the surface when he reveals guilt over his mother’s death (Pittsburgh wasn’t a priority city for Justice League protection during the war.).  As Ronnie leaves, Jason asks the League to find a replacement for Firestorm.

Wrapping It Up

When I scanned the first few pages, I noticed that the violence was brought back to issue #0 levels somewhat.  There were some brutal deaths.  But the story did take some time to give us a bit of exposition on Amethyst and why she changed since leaving Justice League Dark.  I’m also getting the feeling that Futures End may become more of a Firestorm story than a Batman Beyond story.  The Ronnie Raymond / Jason Rusch drama still hasn’t been resolved yet, even with a Justice League intervention.  Both Ronnie’s and Jason’s arcs may be their understanding of how much they’re needed in this world.  And Futures End may have them play an integral part in the fate of humanity.

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