New Thor Artist Shows Off Both New And Old Thors

By now, just about everyone knows there’s going to be a new person channeling the power of Mjolnir as Thor. The identity of the mystery woman who will serve as the God of Thunder under writer Jason Aaron remains a secret, but artist Russell Dauterman at least is giving us a good look at her courtesy of his personal Tumblr.

Dauterman didn’t design the new Thor’s costume, but he seems pretty comfortable with the details, including an asymmetrical top, a more ornate helmet that also covers the top half of her face (there’s precedent for this, as Eric Masterson wore a similar one when he was Thor) and some fancy boots. It’s cool to see this woman with her own style instead of simply taking the current Thor outfit and draping it over a female character.


The other drawings on Dauterman’s page are of the former Thor, now deemed unworthy of his hammer but still hanging around as Thor Odinson. He’ll still be in the picture, and as I told my son, he’ll still be plenty formidable without his power over the storm. I don’t read the current Thor series, so maybe a friendly reader can fill me in on why his left arm appears to be armored and/or a prosthetic.


Maybe we can just call him Sad Thor since he appears to be bummed about losing Mjolnir. They have been together, at least off and on, for a long time.

We’ll see a lot more of both of these characters in their new duds when Thor #1 goes on sale in October.

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