Recap: Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast On Jimmy Kimmel Live

When they said the cast, they meant all five of the people behind the movie’s main characters. Yes, even Vin Diesel, who doesn’t have a whole lot of varied dialogue in the movie, was invited onto the show.

Before we got to the actual interview segment, the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy got to go back-to-back with the “guardian of the parking lot,” Guillermo. Kimmel’s sidekick tested his psychic powers on Chris Pratt, asked Zoe Saldana what color she’d like to be in her next movie (answer: purple like Barney), drank a shot of tequila that he tried to sneak to Vin Diesel, actually got Dave Bautista to do a shot, and finally was tricked into thinking he was doing shots with Pratt.

All five stars came out together — to “Hooked on a Feeling,” appropriately enough — and since there were only three seats on Kimmel’s couch, Diesel and Cooper had to sit on chairs behind the others. Kimmel began by remarking how the five actors didn’t really spend that much time together while working on the movie, particularly since Cooper and Diesel did voices.

Pratt seemed to have a lot of fun doing his action scenes, talking about how he would insert his own sound effects while firing Star-Lord’s gun, and then getting yelled at for ruining takes doing that. He also allegedly challenged Bautista to a wrestling match via late night text.

Kimmel tried baiting Cooper into admitting that voice work was easier than full-fledged acting, responding with an expletive when the actor said he thought there were “different challenges.” He had more luck getting confirmation (from Saldana) that Diesel received the most money per word in the history of film.

Coming back from the commercial, we saw a more complete look at the Guardians bickering over how much of a plan Star-Lord has devised. Kimmel used that as a springboard to chiding Diesel about Groot’s lone line, and pictures were shown about how he got into character by walking around on stilts.

Pratt was asked why the cover of Entertainment Weekly shows Pratt with a raccoon instead of Cooper, a shoot that apparently included the raccoon grabbing him by the eyeball.

The cast was asked if they were prepared to take on the show’s five-year old Marvel trivia expert, Mia, and Saldana seemed a little hesitant. Coming out of the next break, a short clip was shown of the prison breakout that was featured in the latest extended clip.

The trivia showdown was next, and Mia shut out all five cast members by a combined 15-0 score despite challenging them only on questions concerning their own characters (except for the final question, which was to name three of the Infinity Gems). Mia walked away with a literal wheelbarrow full of Guardians of the Galaxy toys, and extreme envy set in when we learned that Kimmel’s entire studio audience was going next door after the taping to see a special 3D showing of the film.

All told, nothing really earth-shattering about the movie was discussed or shown, but if the flick channels half as much fun as the cast seemed to have as a group, it should be worth the price of admission.

Also, Marvel’s cosmic heroes bumped Matt Damon, so there’s that.

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