Converse Reveals DC-Themed Sneakers

Are you guys ready to rock out with some new kicks from Converse?  IGN reports that the trendsetting sneaker company has released its new DC-themed footwear for Fall of 2014.  And man, do they look sweet!  Each sneaker will feature iconic characters created by some of the biggest names at DC, including Jim Lee and Jock.  I’m not much of a sneaker guy, but after seeing them, I’m getting an urge to order a pair for each theme.  Check them out yourself:

Batman by Jock (SRP: $35 – $60)


Justice League by Jim Lee (SRP: $35 – $60)


Superman by Kenneth Rocafort (SRP: $60)


The Joker by Jock (SRP: $35 – $60)


Wonder Woman by Jim Lee (SRP: $60)


The sneakers went on sale at Journeys on July 14, 2014.  They’re also available for purchase from Converse’s own website.

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