The Flash Will Face Iconic Villains, Keep In Touch With Felicity During Season 1

Weather Wizard and Captain Cold aren’t going to be the only familiar villains we see during Season 1 of The Flash.

According to Grant Gustin, the man who will be inside the bright red suit this fall on The CW, more recognizable Rogues could be in the mix right off the bat. During a conversation with Comic Book Resources at a Television Critics Association event, Gustin had this to say about the villains Barry Allen will encounter:

I’m trying to think if anything’s been said. The next two episodes, they’re both very iconic Flash villains. I don’t want to give away too much, but they’re both iconic, both very memorable villains. We’re going to get most of them, it’s looking like.

The whole interview is definitely worth reading, as Gustin discusses how quickly different people will learn Allen’s dual identity, the journey to Flash mastering his super-speed, and a lot more.

Also of interest to Arrow fans: Felicity Smoak will be showing up in the fourth episode, potentially setting up a love triangle that spans both Starling City and Central City and includes two DC super heroes.

But it’s the villain tease that stands out, because the Flash has one of the most memorable groups of recurring bad guys of any super hero in existence. With The Flash starting its run in October, this fall is going to be a colorful one indeed.

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