The New 52: Futures End #12 Review

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen

Artists: Jesus Merino, Dan Green, Hi-Fi

Futures End #11 Recap

In Camden, New Jersey, Justin leaves his hideout and goes to Voodoo’s per Grifter’s previous instructions.  In the Huron System, Hawkman, Frankenstein and Amethyst follow signals from the Stormwatch Emergency Communicator which leads them to crash into a mysterious steel-plated crater.  In New York City, convinced that Batman Beyond is after his uSpheres, Mr. Terrific exposes Batman Beyond’s presence on live TV.  In the Madagascar Sea, techno-Parasite attacks a cargo ship.  Finally, at Justice League Defense Station Omega, the team stages an intervention to try and reconcile the relationship between Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch, but fails.

Spoiler-Free Reaction

A very confusing story that does nothing to push the plot of Futures End forward.

Plot Details and Spoilers and Deaths: Oh My!

On an Uncharted Planet:  Still in the steel-plated crater, Frankenstein, Hawkman, and Amethyst face off with an army of robots.  To their surprise, they find out that the Engineer, Angie, is still alive and controlling the robots.  Not recognizing her old teammates, the Engineer binds them and initiates a self-destruct sequence.

Baltimore, Maryland: Faraday is an uninvited guest at a woman’s home.  We find out that her name is Courtney, but she prefers to be called Mercy.  Faraday tries to convince Mercy to go with him to Cadmus Island so they can “help” her.  The two further debate on Faraday’s crusade to rid the world of superhuman beings.  Illustrating to Mercy that she and others like her are marked, Faraday has a hidden Slade Wilson snipe her near her head.  As Faraday leaves, Mercy calls Voodoo to warn her that Faraday is aware of their plans.  Voodoo then tells Mercy that she’ll “alert the twins.”

Grifter’s Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey: Voodoo has just ended her call with Mercy.  With Justin also present, Voodoo calls the twins who refer to Voodoo as Mother.  The twins then ask Voodoo to hold while they kill someone.  We’re treated with Justin’s reaction to the whole awkward situation.

Metropolis: We find out why Rampage broke Ethan Boyer out of prison — to turn her back to normal.  Ethan was a geneticist who faked his STAR Labs credentials.  And Rampage was once a normal human named Kitty Faulkner who was a scientist at LexCorp’s Genetic Research Lab.  It was her own experiments that turned her into Rampage.  Ethan then straps a device to Rampage’s head claiming that the contraption will help Rampage control her rage.  But his real plan is to make her stronger and more enraged.  By doing so, she’ll become a distraction for Superman which will allow Ethan to roam around free.

Arkham Asylum 35 Years in the Future: The Joker is force-fed and kept alive by Brother Eye in a cell.  The future cyborg-transformed Frankenstein, Gorilla Grodd, and Lobo take the Joker out for surgery.  When he arrives in the operating room, he’s surprised by the sight of a one-armed Bruce Wayne restrained and on life support.  As Bruce comes to consciousness and becomes angered by the Joker’s presence, the Joker lets out a laugh.

Wrapping It Up

This was probably the first Futures End issue that was a labor to read.  There was nothing in here that pushed the plot forward.  On top of that, each story was extremely confusing.  For example, I couldn’t tell you what came out of the conversation between King Faraday and Mercy.  The jump 35 years into the future was also confusing.  It didn’t provide much momentum to the story.  Moving away from the writing, I have to say that the lettering was pretty bad in this issue.  Not only were the styles different and inconsistent, but there were times where the lettering was undecipherable.  The font was much too small and sloppy.  I’m really hoping Futures End improves with next week’s issue.

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