Marvel Villains Coming To Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

It’s just like comics fans, and super hero fans in general, to ask about the villains. We cheer for the good guys, but we’re just as fascinated by the bad guys.

The developers working on Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes surely know that, which is why during the Marvel Games panel at Comic-Con International (live blogged on, one of the trailers that was shown focused on the Marvel Villains. Loki, Ronan the Accuser and Loki will all be playable characters for the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Play Sets, respectively. This is in keeping with the previous history of Disney Infinity Play Sets, which usually have one villain figure in the mix.

Today, Disney officially released more information on how these villains will play in the game:

  • Ronan the Accuser has super-strength, energy blasts and a cloaking ability. Plus that hammer he carries around isn’t just for decoration.
  • Armed with pumpkin bombs and an Electro Shock Gauntlet, Green Goblin is ready to menace enemies in Spider-Man’s world. He also has superhuman strength and the ability to jump great distances.
  • Mischief is the name of the game for Loki, seeing as he’s the God of Mischief and all. His scepter is the key to many of his tricks, including the ability to project duplicates of himself.

Check out the first gameplay trailer below and see how good it will feel to be bad in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.

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