Clones Unite: Scarlet Spiders Have Key Role To Play In Spider-Verse

Some clones have a hard time living up to their originals, but the ones we’ll see in Scarlet Spiders in November aren’t your average carbon copies.

We’re talking about Kaine, Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Universe and an alternate reality version of Ben Reilly. Not only are writer Mike Costa and artist Paco Diaz teaming them together, they’re giving the trio a special mission that cuts right to the heart of the massive Spider-Verse event and takes them on a dangerous quest of the utmost importance.

“Obviously I can’t give too much away just yet, but the group in Scarlet Spiders plays a very important role in stopping Morlun,” Editor Devin Lewis said to “Without this group of three and their mission, there’s a decent chance that the Spider-Men from across the multiverse won’t even survive Morlun’s assault.”

scarlet-spiders-1-cover-variantThey also need to learn to work together even though they’re from separate universes and have had vastly different experiences. The Reilly on the team is from a reality where Peter Parker never returned from Oregon during the Clone Saga, which is bound to color his outlook on things. Ultimate Jessica Drew has been through a lot already and has her eyes opened by interacting with other spider-powered people from throughout the multiverse.

That leaves Kaine, the lone member of the team from Earth-616, as the anchor.

“Kaine really serves as the entry point for readers to this group,” Lewis said. “He’s a mainstay in the Marvel Universe, now, so that gives him a unique perspective on the events of Spider-Verse as they unfold.”

It should be an interesting ride, and Costa and Diaz are preparing to take readers along when Scarlet Spiders #1 hits stores and digital this fall.

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