Inhuman #4 Preview: Uneasy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

Medusa might be learning the truth behind the old quote the hard way. Even though she’s got a new place from which to rule her people in New Attilan, it hasn’t made her job any simpler.

Not only are new Inhumans continuing to pop up all over the world thanks to the widespread release of the Terrigen Mists, there are forces who are scheming to use their powers for evil. And in New Attilan, there are those who are already plotting to depose the queen.

If that wasn’t enough, Inhuman #4 has a visitor making a diplomatic visit of sorts. That’d be Thor, coming from Asgard to check up on the Inhumans, but he could be arriving as friend or foe. Plus there’s more on Reader, the Inhuman with the power to bring anything he reads to life. He’s been keeping a low profile, but recent events have forced him out of hiding, and now it’s time to learn whose side he’s on.

Writer Charles Soule and All-New Young Gun artist Ryan Stegman (the new regular series artist) combine their talents on this one. Scope out a few preview pages below, and look for Inhuman #4 at your LCS or on digital on August 27.




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