The New 52: Futures End #13 Review

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen

Artists: Patrick Zircher, Hi-Fi

Futures End #12 Recap

On an uncharted planet, Frankenstein, Hawkman, and Amethyst battle an army of robots that are controlled by the thought to be dead Engineer, Angie, who then initiates a self-destruct sequence.  In Baltimore, Maryland, Faraday pays an unwelcomed visit to a woman named Mercy.  He attempts to convince her to go to Cadmus Island.  As a final threat, Faraday has Deathstroke snipe her near her head.  In Camden, New Jersey, Voodoo makes a call to a pair of unknown twins who refer to her as Mother.  In Metropolis, we discover that Rampage broke Ethan Boyer out of prison so that he could transform her back to normal.  During the procedure, Ethan actually increases Rampages rage.  This way, she could be used as a distraction for Superman while Ethan roams the city free.  Finally, we travel to Arkham Asylum thirty-five years into the future.  The Joker has been kept barely alive through force-feeding.  He is then brought from his cell to prep for surgery.  At the operating room, he sees a one-armed Bruce Wayne restrained and on life support.

Spoiler-Free Reaction

A big improvement from last week.  Plot threads are now crossing and more conspiracies are revealed.

Plot Details and Spoilers and Deaths: Oh My!

New York City: At the Wounded Duck Bar, Cal (who is actually Tim Drake) and Madison are held at gunpoint during a robbery.  Along with the cash, the robber also takes the necklace Cal gave to Madison.  Through Madison’s concern, we find out that she has already started to have her own suspicions that Cal is actually Tim Drake / Red Robin.  She was afraid that Cal would spring into action and risk his life defending her.

Unable to sleep, Mr. Terrific goes to his laboratory.  His concerns of the cyborg Amethyst are growing because the technology is exponentially more advanced than what is currently possible.  Originally thinking that Batman Beyond was after his uSpheres, Mr. Terrific now thinks that Batman Beyond is involved with the cyborg Amethyst and is even more dangerous.

Cadmus Island: On a building rooftop, Fifty Sue has Grifter remove the cover to an airshaft.  Being her usual mischievous self, Fifty Sue pushes Grifter down the opened shaft.  She eventually joins him and the two find a secret level of which they view in secret.  They discover that Earth 2 normal humans are being used as guinea pigs on Cadmus Island.

New York City: Tim has tracked down the original robber in an alleyway trying to sell Madison’s necklace.  Going into action, Tim incapacitates the potential buyer and breaks both hands of the robber.  He successfully leaves with Madison’s necklace.

The Key’s Workshop: The Key has become paranoid because Batman Beyond is attracting too much attention.  As Terry enters the workshop to solidify the plan, he’s knocked unconscious by an explosion from Plastique.

Montreal, Canada: In a conversation with Emiko, we learn that Big Barda was led to believe that superheroes from her world have all been killed.  Emiko tells her that they’re alive and being held on Cadmus Island.  On their way to get a counterfeit Earth card for passage across the border, a helpless little girl named Susie asks them for help in finding her father.  Leading them to an alleyway, Big Barda and Emiko find Deathstroke waiting for them and Susie is revealed to be Fifty Sue.  Big Barda and Emiko are given the option of going to Cadmus Island cooperatively or being killed.

Wrapping It Up

After last week’s disaster of an issue, Futures End #13 redeems itself with some good forward momentum.  We see that Cadmus Island has been doing experiments on Earth 2 humans, and Big Barda and Emiko are also being brought to the island — that is, if they don’t put up a fight.  Terry also gets himself into a little bit of trouble when The Key, Plastique, and Coil double-cross him.  We’ll have to see how he eventually breaks into Terrifitech with or without the three’s help.  One glaring con that I see in this issue are the pages that cover Tim Drake.  I’m glad that we see him kick some butt.  But at the same time, I’m wary that the necklace’s only purpose was as a plot device to allow him to do that.  I hope that the necklace’s importance is not only due to its sentimental value.  Looking forward to next week’s issue again.

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