Anti-Venom Arrives In Super Hero Squad Online

Symbiotes look cooler in white. Okay, the Venom and Carnage suits have always been pretty cool, but Anti-Venom is no slouch either. You can see for yourself right now in Super Hero Squad Online, as Anti-Venom is the newest playable character — though right now, he’s only available to SHIELD Members.

Anti-Venom can use his Healing Venom to buff up, or smash enemies with the best of him thanks to his Symbiote Swing and Symbiote Smash abilities. That’s more than enough for him to cure criminals around Super Hero City, whether they like it or not! And to make him (or any hero) even faster, you can enter the code “ANTVSPD” to claim a free speed boost.

The Fan’s Favorite Hero Everyday Sale is also in progress right now, giving the players discounts on the heroes they requested. This weekend’s Survivor Weekend Event is Electro, and winning him is simple, but not easy: you have to place first in any Survivor Mission, solo or multiplayer, using any character. Gazillion is also giving away 24 Electros to random players just for participating, so it’s worth it to log in and give it your best shot.

Ready to Hero Up? Then head to and start playing Super Hero Sqaud Online for free right now.

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