Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Eggs And References

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UPDATE 6: Ding, ding, ding!  We have another winner.  Avid Bam Smack Pow reader and screenwriter Dan Calvisi of Act Four Screenplays pointed out that Nova Prime’s assistant was previously seen in another James Gunn film.  Check out the Cameos section for who it is.

UPDATE 5: So, we’ve had two readers point out that the song Cherry Bomb is an Easter egg that references Lea Thompson’s character’s band from the 1986 movie Howard the Duck.  As I’ve pointed out to those readers, the songs listened to by Peter Quill are rife with references and by listing one, you will have to list them all — which, in turn, opens up a whole new can of worms.  Here’s what we’ll do: if you really want an article to be written about the soundtrack and score for Guardians of the Galaxy, follow me (SlamOfSteel) and Bam Smack Pow (BamSmackPow) on Twitter, and tweet to us the message: “Yes!  Do an article on GOTG’s music!”  We’ll see how many votes we get.  Thanks again for reading!  It’s fans like you that keep the site interesting!

UPDATE 4: Bam Smack Pow reader Jonathan Garcia was insistent that there was another famous character in the background of The Collector’s gallery.  Well, after seeing the movie again tonight, we can confirm the existence of that character.  Experiments have shown that eyewitness accounts are usually flawed — I’m living proof of that.  That was no duck.  Check out the section on Marvel characters who could appear in future films to see who that character is.

UPDATE 3: We’ve discovered another Easter egg which gives a nod to one of director James Gunn’s past projects.  Check out the References section for something that’ll make your skin crawl.

UPDATE 2: The Venom Site pointed out that Peter Quill jokingly calls Rocket “Ranger Rick.”  And our very own Roger Lee has made a great observation about the troll doll that was given to Yondu.  You can find these additions in the References and Marvel characters who could appear in future films sections, respectively.

UPDATE 1: Thanks to our reader and Disqus user echosaber, we’ve added a 1980s reference and a joke to the References section of this article.

Two weeks ago, we reported on some confirmed and rumored cameos being in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Today, after seeing the premiere, we’re happy to report that all of the cameos are present, but that’s not all.  The movie contains a treasure trove of:

Navigate the links and read through the list to see if you caught them at the theater.  If you haven’t seen the movie, maybe you can keep these items in mind and be the guy that seems like a comic book genius to your friends.

WARNING: Though not on purpose, Easter eggs and references may contain spoilers.


Stan “The Man” Lee as a Xandarian Ladies Man


You’ll see Stan Lee with a Xandarian woman on his arm when Peter Quill sets foot on the planet to pawn off the stolen orb.

James Gunn as a Maskless Sakaaran


I might’ve caught a glimpse of director James Gunn, but didn’t get a great look.  When the Sakaarans do make appearances in the film, they’re usually in the midst of chasing or battling our heroes, so you’ll have to have a quick eye.  Another little tidbit: The dance moves of a sapling Groot at the end of the movie is actually Gunn via motion capture!

Nathan Fillion as a Monstrous Inmate


Nathan Fillion is the voice of a giant blue inmate that tries to mess with Peter Quill.  The inmate is soon given a nose full of Groot.  You’ll know what I mean when you see it.  Fillion starred as Bill Pardy in James Gunn’s 2006 horror film Slither.

Rob Zombie as the Ravager Navigator Voice


Amongst all the excitement and action, I kind of missed this one.  But like our favorite Prego spaghetti sauce, it’s in there.  Rob Zombie was also the voice of God in James Gunn’s 2010 film Super starring Rainn Wilson.

Lloyd Kaufman as a Kyln Prisoner


Lloyd Kaufman is the President of Troma Entertainment, a place where James Gunn honed his directing chops at the beginning of his career.  Kaufman later co-wrote his autobiography, All I need to Know about Filmmaking I Learned from the Toxic Avenger, with Gunn.

Laura Haddock as Meredith Quill


Laura Haddock was hard to recognize when she played Peter Quill’s mother with no hair and looking gaunt from terminal cancer.  This isn’t Haddock’s first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as she appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger as an enthusiastic Autograph Seeker.  In that movie, she was much more recognizable.  Now, would it be crazy to suggest that since she had no name in Captain America: The First Avenger that she may be playing the same character who’s seen in Guardians of the Galaxy?  Maybe Peter’s alien father time-traveled with her to the future and started a family.  Crazy?  Well, I think after seeing a movie that has a talking, walking raccoon, tree, and duck, anything is possible … fan-fiction anyone?

Sean Gunn as Kraglin and Motion Capture for Rocket Raccoon and Thanos


Director James Gunn’s younger brother, Sean Gunn, makes numerous appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy — both physical and virtual.  Almost always standing to the back and to the side of Yondu, Sean Gunn’s Kraglin can be seen ready to carry out any savage order suggested by his boss.  Gunn’s facial and body movements were also used via motion capture for the characters of Rocket Raccoon and Thanos, who were later voiced by Bradley Copper and Josh Brolin, respectively.

Mikaela Hoover


What’s the significance of Nova Prime’s assistant?  She’s another of James Gunn’s former collaborators and friends — Mikaela Hoover.  Hoover was previously seen in the 2010 James Gunn superhero film Super starring Rainn Wilson.

Seth Green


If you stayed until the post-credits scene, you would obviously have seen Howard the Duck make an appearance.  The voice of Howard is none other than famed comic book fan and Robot Chicken creator Seth Green.

Dr. Von Spears as a Holographic Dog


Director James Gunn’s canine pal makes his acting debut in Guardians of the Galaxy.  In the opening scene where Peter Quill scans Morag’s desolate landscape for a past record of life, you can see a holographic image of a little girl playing with a dog — that’s the famous pup right there.  Do you think Von Spears will need to start dodging the “pup”-arazzi?  In know … bad joke.  I’m sorry.

If you haven’t seen them, check out some more Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs and references:

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