Dawn Of Justice Set Video Reveals Wayne Financial Sign

ComicBookMovie.com was watching Detroit’s WXYZ’s news broadcast today and caught a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set visit.  Via an aerial shot from Chopper 7, viewers were treated to one of the movie’s scenes of mass destruction and … wait for it … the Wayne Financial sign.  Check it out:

At 0:04, you can catch a toppled upside down Wayne Financial sign amongst all the wreckage.  I guess we kind of know what happened after the events of the Comic-Con footage.  Or maybe Wayne Financial has a branch in Metropolis since the sign is surrounded by vehicles labeled with “Metropolis.”  Oh well, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire.  I guess he’ll just build another one … or two.  A spare never hurts.  You can’t make a Batman/Superman omelette without breaking some eggs.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a worldwide release date of May 6, 2016.

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