This Would Be The Best Time Ever For DC/Warner Bros. To Announce A Wonder Woman Movie

Marvel is basking in the healthy glow of yet another smash hit movie, and while Warner Bros. and DC got some attention by bringing the stars of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to Comic-Con and giving the world its first real look at what’s in store, they’re still playing catch-up when it comes to super hero movies.

But with the increased media speculation about when we’ll finally see a movie starring a female super hero, there’s a chance for Warner and DC to take the lead for once. It’s pretty simple: they should formally announce a Wonder Woman movie. Like right now.

They can’t really wait to do it, because Sony is apparently already trying to get a female super hero movie together for 2017. Meanwhile, even though Marvel has seemed pretty unconcerned about doing a comic book movie with a female lead, it’s also pretty good at reading the pop culture tea leaves. If the company feels like fans are clamoring for something they haven’t seen yet, it’ll eventually make sure one of those many release dates over the next three years gets filled with a Black Widow movie, or a Ms. Marvel movie, or something.

DC and Warner shouldn’t let themselves get beaten to the punch. It’s already been rumored that a Wonder Woman film is under consideration for July 2017. Fan reaction to seeing Gal Gadot in costume for the first time has been pretty positive. Unless there’s absolutely no one with a good story idea — which, unfortunately, is a possibility — they should move forward.

Wonder Woman is, in this writer’s opinion, the most iconic female super hero of all time. There’s no reason to let Sony define the public’s expectations by trotting out Black Cat or Spider-Woman or to allow Marvel to add to its already huge lead in terms of both prestige and box office.

The timing will probably never be more beneficial than right now, so please do it Warner Bros. Announce a Wonder Woman movie, and do it soon.


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