Rocket Raccoon #1 The Top-Selling Comic For July, But With An Asterisk

Rocket Raccoon #1 was the top-selling comic for July, which is good news for Marvel as it explores the solo viability of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Legendary Star-Lord #1 also cracked the top 10 for July according to Diamond’s sales charts, which is impressive considering the Guardians of the Galaxy movie didn’t come out until August 1.

Still, Rocket’s success should come with an asterisk. Marvel had a deal with Loot Crate to include 100,000 copies of the first issue — around a third of the initial orders — in the pop culture collectibles subscription service’s July crate. It was a smart move by Marvel to get the book in hands that may not have otherwise picked it up, but it does make it hard to gauge the actual interest in the debut issue versus other comics in July. Surely Rocket would still have ridden the power of a #1, Skottie Young and the movie buzz into the top 10, but where it would have finished is difficult to say.

Other strong debuts included Spider-Man 2099 #1 for Marvel and Grayson #1 for DC, which came in at fifth and eighth respectively for July. DC also got Batman #33 and Harley Quinn #8 into the top 10, while Marvel added both issues of Original Sin that shipped that month.

While monthly comics as a whole are up only slightly year-to-date compared to 2013 (and down a bit in terms of units sold), they’re enjoying an unusually strong summer. July comics enjoyed double-digit gains versus the same month from 2013 in both dollars and units, as well as making big increases when compared to June of this year.

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