Marvel Shows Off Joe Quesada Variant Cover For Death Of Wolverine #1

Joe Quesada’s life as a full time artist might be long behind him, but Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer can still do some impressive things with a pencil when he finds the time.

That’s exactly what he’s doing by contributing a special variant cover for Death of Wolverine #1, as well as a separate sketch variant, both of which you can see below. Appropriately, it appears the skeletons from Logan’s past are coming to get him in a very straightforward fashion.

It probably won’t be an army of the undead that actually does in Wolverine during the four-issue limited series by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven. The smart money is on one of Logan’s many foes, all of whom are aching for a chance to settle some old scores now that he’s no longer protected by that pesky mutant healing factor.

The regular cover by McNiven, which features an etched foil treatment, also looks pretty spiffy. Look for Death of Wolverine #1 in comic shops and digital (where, alas, you won’t be able to experience the covers in quite the same way) on September 3.



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