The New 52: Futures End #15 Review

Writers: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen

Artists: Scot Eaton, Drew Geraci, Hi-Fi

Futures End #14 Recap

In Montreal, Big Barda and Emiko escape the grips of Deathstroke and Fifty Sue.  At the Key’s workshop, Plastique forces an ultimatum on Batman Beyond, the Key, and Coil — work together as a team or be killed.  At Columbia University, Cal gives the retrieved necklace back Madison.  On Cadmus Island, Grifter and Fifty Sue discover that Earth 2’s Lana Lang is one of the scientists, who also happens to have information about the invisible OMAC that attacked Grifter.  At the Fast Lane office, Lois reviews the contents of the mysterious package left at her doorstep.  The green pyramid-shaped object suddenly activates and displays holographic images of Earth 2 heroes — one of them is a female Red Tornado with the previous designation of Lois Lane.

Spoiler-Free Reaction

Not the worst issue I’ve read so far, but this week’s Futures End was messy and confusing.  The story seemed to be extremely slow and dialogue-heavy.

Plot Details and Spoilers and Deaths: Oh My!

Metropolis: Superman has found Rampage and attempts to apprehend her.  Rampage throws a school bus full of children over a bridge to cause a distraction.  Superman rescues the school bus and allows Rampage to escape.  Lois shows up to ask Superman for his help in deciphering the meaning of the holographic images seen from the pyramid-shaped object.  Superman seems unconcerned and offers no real assistance.  Lois changes the subject to Superman’s mask and why he wears it, but he deflects the question.  Throughout their encounter, Superman seems out of character.  He’s terse and extremely nonchalant about everything — which gives evidence that the person under the mask isn’t even Superman at all.

Uncharted Planet in the Huron System: Frankenstein, Hawkman, and Amethyst are imprisoned in a cell.  A sleeping Frankenstein awakens from the first dream he’s had in two hundred years.  The dream showed him a disturbing vision of the future.  And Frankenstein thinks that this future was caused by the three of them.

Cadmus Island: As Grifter and Deathstroke argue, Faraday appears.  Grifter is still bent on hunting down the stealth OMAC that attacked him.  In the area housing Earth 2 superhumans, Earth 2’s Mister Miracle has created a device that allows him to roam around undetected.  He appears next to Earth 2’s Hawkgirl and Earth 2’s Elasti-Woman, and reveals what he’s discovered: Earth 2’s Lana Lang is missing and the implanted sensors in all of Earth 2’s beings are for bio-data collection.  Before Mister Miracle leaves, he states that that “they’re growing.”  It’s unknown to the reader what he’s referring to, but Hawkgirl and Elasti-Woman seem concerned.

The Horn of Africa: Constantine and Midge arrive to investigate the case of a cargo ship that had its entire crew murdered sans one individual.  The survivor keeps referring to the killer as an “angel.”  Constantine tells the survivor that this “angel” he speaks of is here to find an alien.  We leave with a shot of the techno-Parasite making his way into a town in the desert.

Wrapping It Up

Just coming from the latest action-packed issues of Superman: Doomed, I felt like this specific Futures End story really hit a speed bump.  The issue was extremely slow with people referring to “they” and “angels” — things which were never revealed in past plot lines.  If this is an attempt at adding mystery, it was a failure.  When the opening scene showed the mask Superman, I thought we were going to learn more about him.  What followed was something that was more akin to filler — no real developments or revelations.  Like I said before, so far, it’s not the worst issue in the series.  But they really need to follow the pattern that was set in earlier stories.

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