Rejoice: Marvel Finally Released The Dancing Groot Scene For Everyone To Watch

Sometimes all you need to do is ask. Well, that and be Yahoo! Movies that is doing the asking.

Even though Guardians of the Galaxy is only coming up on its third week of release in theaters, millions of fans have been clamoring for a way to see that one scene that appears right before the credits. You know the one I’m talking about.

(Spoilers from here on, I suppose, even though everyone should have seen Guardians of the Galaxy by now!)

Kevin Polowy of Yahoo! Movies was able to sweet-talk Marvel into releasing the clip out into the wild, probably knowing that it’s better than having people continue to bootleg it. In an interesting twist, director James Gunn told Polowy that Groot getting down with an unaware Drax going about his knife-cleaning in the background was originally supposed to be the post-credits scene, but he changed his mind after seeing it and wanted it before the credits so people would see it even if they weren’t sticking around.

And in a sign that Gunn is just like everyone else who’s fallen in love with the recuperating Groot, he also said this:

I knew he made me happy as hell when I first saw how he was animated. He’s adorable.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here’s Groot! Now how about that toy, Marvel? It would only make like another few million dollars, I’m sure.


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