Star-Lord and Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord And Gamora Coming To Walt Disney World For Awesome Mix Tape Party

That didn’t take long. Last week, we joined in the speculation that Disney might use the Guardians of the Galaxy characters at Walt Disney World, because the contract that binds most Marvel characters to Universal Studios in Florida apparently doesn’t apply to any heroes and villains who haven’t appeared on Universal property to date. With the Guardians continuing to rack up fans and box office revenue, it only made sense that Disney would use them sooner or later.

Sooner it is. According to top Disney blog Inside the Magic, Star-Lord and Gamora will be appearing a week from today at a special after-hours event called Villains Unleashed. The event features over 50 Disney (and Star Wars) villains in a night of food and drink, fireworks and entertainment, now bolstered by the addition of the Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party. Disney’s official announcement doesn’t reveal much except that there will be a DJ and other surprises, but warns people that they never know when the Guardians might crash the party to retrieve the cassette.

It looks like Disney is dipping its toes into the water to see what will happen here. The big question is whether or not Gamora will try living up to the legend of Footloose and succumb to Star-Lord’s “pelvic sorcery,” or whether she’ll maintain her strict non-dancing stance.

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