Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Playing Shazam Or Black Adam?

Though he’s been teasing us for a bit now, it wasn’t official until today: Dwayne Johnson told the AP today that he will star in a Shazam movie for DC/Warner Bros.

We just can’t smell what The Rock is cooking as to which character he’s playing, because he apparently has decided yet. Shazam or Black Adam? Good guy who turns from youngster to fully grown adult with a magic word, or bad guy with a warped but definite code of honor?

The thing is that you can truly see Johnson playing either role. Since they both have super strength, his ridiculous-in-a-good-way physique works for Shazam or Black Adam (and would for a bunch of other DC characters as well), and since we’re starting from scratch with getting them both onto the big screen (* switches to The Rock’s voice *), it doesn’t matter who he looks like more.

Johnson successfully portrayed both a fan favorite and the guy people love to hate during his time as one of the top attractions in the WWE, though his time as a good guy always came with a bit of an edge. Given that, he’d probably be a more natural fit as Black Adam, but I wouldn’t count him out for Shazam, especially since Warner would have to get a pretty big name actor to play opposite Johnson to avoid having the hero getting overshadowed.

Since no Shazam movie has even been officially announced by Warner Bros. yet, The Rock probably has some time to make his choice.

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