First Look: Death Of Wolverine #2 Features Bloody Fights And Madripoor Nights

Waiting stinks. So even though Death of Wolverine #1 isn’t out yet, why should we wait to get a first look at Death of Wolverine #2?

Marvel doesn’t think we should, releasing a few preview pages from the second part of Logan’s final story. Writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven take Wolverine back to Madripoor, a place that’s played an important role in his life on more than one occasion. Though he plunges himself right back into the chaos, things are different now that his healing factor is no longer there to bail him out. When a deal goes south (one that appears to involve some property belonging to a certain armored Avenger), Logan might be up against a fight he can’t win, particularly since a villain is stalking him in Madripoor who literally wants his head.

It all sounds grim, but what else do you expect from a series that’s called Death of Wolverine? Check out the pages and the variant cover by Lenil Yu and steel yourself for getting one step closer to the end on September 10.





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