Henry Cavill Finally Spotted In Full Superman Costume On Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Set

The Man of Steel has a bunch of nifty abilities, but being able to hide forever from enterprising photographers isn’t one of them.

That’s especially true on the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, where Henry Cavill had previously been able to hide his Superman costume from circulating around the interwebs. Not so today, as SplashNewsOnline.com caught Cavill with his robe open and his very classic-looking costume exposed to the world.

The new costume takes a cue from the New 52 outfit and dispenses with the red briefs that most people would instantly associate with the Silver Age Superman suit. Yet it’s brighter and less complicated than what you will currently find the Man of Tomorrow wearing in the pages of DC comics, at least at first glance:


It’s tough to say how much the costume enhances his physique, but Cavill certainly appears to be in terrific shape. I’d be pretty motivated to be buff if I were playing Superman too.

That leaves Ben Affleck in full Batman attire as the next thing that will probably get movie and comic fans truly fired up. Dawn of Justice is filming now for its March 25, 2016 release.

(via E! Online)

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