Jamie Foxx Says He Almost Ended Up Playing Luke Cage

Even if you didn’t fall in love with Jamie Foxx for his performance as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you’ve got to give the actor some props for tracing his love for super heroes to old Super Friends cartoons and Spider-Man’s appearances on The Electric Company.

But did Foxx get close to featuring in a super hero movie a lot sooner? He told IGN that he was in talks to play a Marvel hero a while back, but suggests that he wasn’t a big enough star at that point in his career:

I was actually approached for Luke Cage back in the day, but it didn’t work out at the time. For these types of movies, your visibility has to be in a certain range.

Foxx credits his role in Django Unchained for boosting his profile to the point where he was able to land the Electro gig.

Personally, I think Foxx would have had to bulk up too much to fit what most fans’ image of Luke Cage would be, and Terry Crews looks the part a lot more. It would have been interesting to see Cage in another form of media a lot earlier than his upcoming Netflix series, though.

Buck up though Jamie. I’m pretty confident that whether it’s Crews or someone else who ends up playing Cage, they won’t be immortalized like this.

(via MTV UK)

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