First Look: Time Runs Out For Earth's Mightiest Heroes In Avengers #35

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Everything Jonathan Hickman has been doing on Avengers has been leading up to one big story, and it begins in Avengers #35. The action fast-forwards eight months to let readers see what awaits in May 2015 (our time, that is), and it’s not looking too pretty.

As Marvel puts it, “heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe stand at the precipice, and utter decimation looms.” Cheerful! It all stems from the fact that the Illuminati have been dealing with Incursions from parallel dimensions, and while they managed to do so in secret for a while, everyone knows about them now. That means war between the Avengers and Illuminati.

If that’s not bad enough, there’s one Final Incursion coming, and whoever is left standing needs to stop it, or … well, the event coming next spring might be called “Time Runs Out” for a reason.

“In addition to setting the table for the astonishing climax of Jonathan Hickman’s run, we’ll also be providing a glimpse into the immediate future of many of our characters, and what changes await them over the next 8 months of publishing,” Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in an interview with “This isn’t some maybe-future, this is the real deal, what’s awaiting the Marvel Universe in the coming year.”

We’ve had more than our share of time-jumping stories as of late, but this is one that’s almost guaranteed to pay off in just a few months. Hickman is joined by artists Jim Cheung, Dustin Weaver, Nick Bradshaw and Paco Medina to make Avengers #35 an oversized issue, some of which you can see below. Look for it on September 17 wherever you get your comics.




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