Domino on the Cover of X-Force #7, by Rock-He Kim

Great Art, Great Dialogue in X-Force #7 --Comic Book Review

X-Force is a mutant strike-team led by Nathan Dayspring Summers, AKA Cable.  Their mission statement is basically that their job is to do the dirty work that can help keep mutants in existence.  Think of an off-the-books mutant special forces unit that fights the bad guys on the sly, but without too much compunction as to leaving dead bad guys in their wake.


This iteration of X-Force features the mutants Cable, Psylocke, Marrow, Fantomex, MeMe, and Dr. Nemesis. This team of mutants, if not this exact lineup, has been around for a while.  Cable put this team together and has been the leader for most, but not all, of X-Force’s history.  The current series is the fourth volume, beginning in February, 2014 as part of the “All-New Marvel NOW!” movment, replacing Cable and X-Force and Uncanny X-Force vol.2.

Regardless of which volume or title it is called, this is an interesting series.  This reviewer picked up X-Force vol. 4, #7 off the shelf of his local comic shop, partly out of curiosity after seeing the cover featuring a gun-shooting Domino portrayed in a unique artistic style.

X-Force is penned by British writer Simon “Si” Spurrier, with art by Korean artist Rock-He Kim.  Kim, who is an accomplished storyboard artist for the South Korean film industry, has a realistic style that makes his subjects look like they are in a painting, not in a comic book.  In this sense, his stylization is similar to painter/artist Alex Ross.  Having never seen Kim’s work before, this reviewer fell in love with the art in X-Force #7.

Domino on the Cover of X-Force #7, by Rock-He Kim

Domino on the Cover of X-Force #7, by Rock-He Kim

Spurrier’s writing is also quite good.  His character development, specifically the personal and emotional interactions between characters (especially Psylocke  and Cable, and Dr. Nemesis and Marrow), are very well done, and provide a deep sense of humanity in these mutants who strive to both protect mutant-kind while also trying to live out life like any human.

After reading this comic, (without having read the first six issues of this series), makes the reader want to seek out X-Force #1 and start from the beginning of this fourth volume.

If you like Cable or any of these other characters, or just like good character development and amazingly realistic art, check out Spurrier and Kim’s X-Force!


Want to look inside at the great art?  Check out our video review, in which we take you inside this book:


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