Avengers Is Ending Next April With Issue #44

I guess when Marvel says its Spring 2015 event is called “Time Runs Out,” it’s to be taken literally for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool did the detective work, reporting that Marvel has been offering retailers an Avengers #44 Final Issue Variant in exchange for covers taken from unsold copies of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1. One event helps feed demand for the next — that’s synergy!

Writer Jonathan Hickman launched the current volume of Avengers in February 2013, and he’s been on it for the duration. It was bi-weekly for a time, which is how it can get to issue 44 by next spring. In any case, by modern standards, that many issues constitutes a pretty long run. Marvel will actually be exercising a bit of restraint by not going with a new #1 for more than two years.

I enjoyed Hickman’s time on the series, but since he was always building to something big, it had to end eventually, and my hope is that the conclusion lives up to the highest points of the journey to get there. Whether it will just be Avengers that ends or this is the sign of something bigger … well, that’s the question worth pondering over the next eight months.

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