First Look: A Sci-Fi Spider-Man Soars In Edge Of Spider-Verse #3

Our Peter Parker didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be Spider-Man. He acquired his powers thanks to a now-legendary accident, and he had to learn his lessons about power and the responsibility that comes with it before he became a hero.

But within the myriad of alternate worlds that are going to be swept up by the Spider-Verse event this fall, there are different men who take up the same mantle, including one in a sci-fi setting that chose to be Spider-Man. It doesn’t mean life is any easier in the high-tech world of Dr. Aaron Aikman, though, not with villains like Red Eye and Naahmurah plaguing his version of New York City. Dustin Weaver writes, draws and colors our introduction to this very different Spider-Man in Edge of Spider-Verse #3.

“Unlike Peter, he chose to be Spider-Man,” Weaver said about Aikman in an interview with “He did it himself, to become a hero for his city. I guess that says a lot about the character of my Spider-Man. He’s got a big ego and being good at being Spider-Man is a point of pride. He doesn’t struggle with responsibility. He enjoys it. Other than his origin being different, he also has a completely different cast of supporting characters and villains.”

Even with awesome technology at his disposal, Dr. Aikman might not be prepared for Morlun to show up. Get a first look at this new hero below, and look for Edge of Spider-Verse #3 at comic shops or on digital on September 24.




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