Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Turns Detroit Deli Into Actual Comic Book Locale

Wherever the cast of crew shooting Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice set up shop in the Detroit area, it’s fairly newsworthy. There’s something of interest to comic fans, especially, whenever the shoot hits a new location, particularly if it has a direct link to something from DC comics lore.

Okay, maybe “lore” is too strong a word in this case, but the Detroit Free Press reports that the shoot took over Detroit’s Hygrade Deli on Thursday, turning it into … wait for it … Ralli’s Diner.

Reporter Julie Hinds did her comic book research, finding out that Ralli’s Diner appeared in Superman #9 during John Byrne’s post-Crisis relaunch. In that issue’s backup story (the main story focused on the Joker menacing Metropolis), Lex Luthor pulled an Indecent Proposal on a waitress, though she turned down his $1 million.

Superman_v.2_9_coverIt’s pretty doubtful we’ll see Lex pull something similar in the upcoming movie, so this is likely just an obscure Easter egg for fans of DC comics. Then again, maybe Jesse Eisenberg is really sleazing it up in his turn as Luthor.

The Dawn of Justice shoot is ongoing as the movie aims for a March 25, 2016 release date.

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